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Star Wars Death Star inspired wall tiles / Tom Spina Designs

We created fourteen master tile sculptures, each 12”x12” with a depth of 3”-4”. The overall look is intentionally big and chunky, with layers of smaller detail as a bonus for folks who look more closely at the home theatre’s walls. We also created a number of custom mannequins for replica movie costumes the client owned. As an alternative to ill-fitting mass-produced mannequins, we created customized, dynamically posed forms to capture the characters! A museum style base completed each display. For more work like this, please visit our Custom Mannequins and Displays page Want truly unique, hand-made custom décor for your home or office? Contact us today! Each master tile was moulded and expertly cast in tinted resin by Lonnie Hale. From there, details were randomly highlighted in colours chosen by the home’s decorator, to help add a sense of variation to the 120 finished tiles that would be applied to the walls — via Tom Spina Designs

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