Going blind? DRM will dim your world

I said at the start of this polemic that there’s never been a better time to go blind: we are busy converting the world to digital, and digital is supremely easy to convert.

The web is particularly excellent for this: it runs to open standards and, in general, you don’t have to know or care anything about what browser, what operating system, what network providers, what servers or what back-end software is involved in getting content onto your screen. For most of the history of computing, such a scenario was purely theoretical: open standards — and only open standards — have allowed it.

Anywhere that open standards can be excluded, they are. Anywhere open standards are excluded, the game changes — the people who control a closed system are at liberty to manage it according to their business model, and are free to deny whatever they feel goes against their interests. Whether they are actually against the business’s interests, or whether they’re actually very advantageous to the customer, are secondary considerations — via redwolf.newsvine.com

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