Contraceptive gel could offer alternative to pill

A new contraceptive gel that is applied directly to the skin could offer women an alternative to the pill, a study suggests.

The clear gel is put on once a day and delivers a dose of hormones to prevent pregnancy. Women using the gel have reported none of the typical side effects associated with the pill, such as weight gain and acne.

It is suitable for breastfeeding women, who are often warned not to take the combined pill because its hormone levels interfere with milk supply.

The gel can be applied to the abdomen, thighs, arms or shoulders and is quickly absorbed, with no residue. Experts hope to bring it to market if clinical trial results continue to be positive — via

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One Comment

  1. Pat Blackstar

    8 January 2011 at 6.57 am

    This product gives those individuals a chance to learn the way to control their bodies and still allow for a lot more time to please their partner. Nonetheless this product might not assist those with a physical difficulty. It is mainly intended for those gentlemen who have not made the mind body connection yet. As for the outside, it just like any other Durex condom – lubricated with a standard lubricant for her and fitted shape for him.


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