I Get Mail: please leave a message

It’s full moon? He’s off his meds? I’m just special this week? Who knows, but Bill felt the need to spam me again this morning:

Dear Red Wolf, I would like to know to whom I may address, in order that I may personally crusade in order that the X Files is much more than just David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, but a Cadre of Extremely talented Writers,GIFTED, Directors,and Producers! The Creator Chris Carter left His Series with an episode, that even I an untalented,naive, and local yokel could continue with The Birth of William holds so much! Please respond, [Bill’s full name and address removed] ps. I figure, if thirteen productions has folded…if one can’t have more;Why not make moreChris Carter left a WONDERFUL SHOW to be left is a sin!

He seems to be having trouble with his space bar today.

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