Olaf Captures A Frog

We were rudely awakened the other night by Olaf (the cat) depositing a slimy frog on our faces at 3am. Happily N had been watching a TV show about the care and feeding of frogs earlier that day, so she leapt out of bed, crafted a frog habitat out of an old pot and a cake net, then went back to sleep.

The next morning we went out to the local permaculture garden and released the frog. I’d just bought a new camera, so I snapped a photo of it before we sent it on its way. When I loaded it into The GIMP and zoomed in on the picture, I thought the camera’s JPEG compression was busted, because the frog’s skin looked weird and fractal. But when I looked at the rest of the photo (skin, fabric, etc) the compression was gorgeous, so guess frog skin is weirdly fractal for camouflage purposes.

See for yourself (the image below has been compressed again as the original is many a megabyte):

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One Comment

  1. Red Wolf

    21 May 2007 at 6.10 pm

    It was nice that he made a live capture. It’s a very cute frog


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