Black iPods and iTMS Oz

This has been a pretty big couple o’ weeks for Apple. New iMacs, new powerbooks, new G5’s and pro photography app Aperture all released. But for me, it’s new black video iPods and iTunes music store in Oz that’s really taken my fancy.

I see a white pod, and I want to paint it black… FINALLY! Black! Apple why has this taken so long! I’ve seen the black iPod Nano in the flesh, and that black is damn sexy! I mean Steve Jobs is always in black, so why not the pods up until now?

I of course have one of these babies on order, so I’m debating which would be the best/quickest/pain free-est option for exchanging my ye olde 3rdGen 30GB iPod for some bucks. Same goes for ye olde Sony Cyber shot camera.

ITunes Australia: Sony BMG have not signed up as yet, which is unfortunate, I think, well I couldn’t tell you off the top of my head which bands with Sony BMG I like. $1.69 per song, some albums going for $16.99. Is this too much? I don’t know. I guess I’d have to try the store out first to see how it goes.

Update: I got my iPod yesterday along with a camera connector. It is gorgeous and makes my 3rd Gen iPod look like a brick-like fossil. It does come with a flimsy case. This will have to do until I can find one that is more suitable. I used the new iTunes site to purchase Bjork’s Oceania video, store is quite nice to use, and the video playback on pod is great. You don’t get an AC adapter for non computer charging though, which sucks.

The camera connector works pretty good too so far.

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