The Hypnodisk

The lovely Feòrag has pointed me in the direction of Eccentric Genius, a talented Canadian who crafts unusual contrivances for home and office. Wonderful things like mini trebuchets and guillotines and the delicious Victoriana of the Hypnodisk:

In the 1800’s, the European scientific community caught up with the rest of the world and noticed hypnosis. Entrepreneurial medical supply houses were quick to offer an optimistically comprehensive array of Scientifically Designed Aids to the Induction of Mesmerism, of which the Hypnotic Spiral is perhaps the most enduring.

Popular with evil criminal masterminds, the whirling hypnodisk was an always effective means of dealing with uncooperative adventurers, or perky junior reporters. Now you can have the same amazing powers in the privacy of your own home or office! The rotating spiral irresistably entrances the viewer, quickly reducing them to mindlessly obedient slaves under YOUR hypnotic control.

Make the mailroom guy quack like a duck! Turn your boss into a lap dancer! Brainwash wealthy relatives!


Or not.

You know you want one, so while you’re there, look deep into the Hypnodisk and get me one too

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