Big, Fat, Green Tree Frogs / Red Wolf

Tree Frog originally uploaded by Red Wolf

Over the weekend, my evening was disturbed by a loud chittering noise outside. Much like a really pissed off sparrow. I went out, turned on the lights and saw the dogs on either side of a fat green tree frog the size of my fist. Every time the dogs would touch it, the frog would chitter alarmingly.

I didn’t know frogs chittered, but it seems that chittering is the tree frog equivalent of fuck off and leave me alone because it chittered at me when I tried to pick it up. The noise is probably all that kept it from becoming a late night dog snack and appeared to do the trick as the frog appeared to be completely unscathed.

While I was trying to keep the dogs away, the frog hopped into a corner and climbed up the brickwork, heading for the kitchen window. The dogs can reach the ledge, so I gently prodded the frog to encourage him into the corner. This didn’t work terribly well, as the frog just used my fingers as leverage to head in the opposite direction and slid down the glass towards the curious dogs.

I managed to herd the dogs inside so I could relocate the frog without canine assistance. The frog still didn’t want to be grabbed, but didn’t seem to mind getting prodded onto a plastic dustpan. I moved it into the garden where he’ll hopefully live a long and happy life.

I am now a frog rescuer.

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