Hello Kitty Crop Circle

Hello Kitty Crop CircleA rather unusual crop formation has appeared in a Wiltshire field. The Hello Kitty crop circle was created by Circlemakers and New York artists surface2air to celebrate her 30th birthday and is approximately 60m in diameter. The photo is by Steve Alexander, whose web site includes a lot of impressive aerial photos of crop formations.
You can bet the wingnuts from Crop Circle Radius will be insisting that it’s all the work of aliens — via Pagan Prattle

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  1. Maretta

    22 October 2004 at 6.08 pm

    i love it it sooooooo cooooool can u send me one just joking!!! lol lol lool llloll


  2. JacLynn

    29 October 2004 at 1.33 am



  3. Red Wolf

    30 October 2004 at 12.51 pm

    It seems that JacLynn is either too lazy or too stupid to read the article. Or perhaps it’s just announcing to the world that it is indeed fake


  4. Jodes

    7 December 2005 at 6.45 pm

    wicked artwork! Would love to know how they did it.


  5. Kitty

    10 December 2005 at 5.44 pm

    Oh, wow! This one is so cool. I am impressed. Got to admit, though, it had me fooled for a bit. But there it is!! Right on the cover of SEDONA Journal of Emergence. November issue. Very clever, and fun.


  6. charlie

    5 January 2006 at 1.12 am

    you are a load of gay nuts on toast


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