Have a geezer at my kitten, Olaf. He’s named after Olaf Stapledon. He’s an odd beast, and he demands breakfast by punching my eyeball vigorously at 6am. I think the patch on his nose makes him resemble a koala.

He’s nine months old and already the size of a wombat (or something furry that’s bigger than a breadbox, at any rate). Neibi and I got him from the Cat Protection Society, and he came with free microchip, vaccinations, and acute ringworm.

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  1. Red Wolf

    18 June 2004 at 5.26 pm

    Olaf is adorable. Very pod-like


  2. IrishVampire13

    15 July 2005 at 8.48 am

    What a cute little kitty! And he does look koala-like with that spot on his nose. Awwww! 🙂


  3. Opinions of the Wolf

    21 May 2007 at 2.34 pm

    Olaf Captures A Frog

    We were rudely awakened the other night by Olaf (the cat) depositing a slimy frog on our faces at 3am. Happily N had been watching a TV show about the care and feeding of frogs earlier that day, so she leapt out of bed, crafted a frog habitat out of an…


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