The Horrifically Honest Guide to Fan Fiction Terms

An amusing guide to wading through some of the jargon that litters fan fiction. Love the description of the evil plot bunny.

Plot bunny: How a story starts: you’re innocently watching tv/film, and then you feel a strange sensation of… pain. You look down. A creature resembling the bunny from Monty Python and the Holy Grail has attached itself to your leg with three inch fangs, and you suddenly have an odd idea along the lines of ‘what if Legolas & Aragorn had been Full Monty style strippers before they joined the Fellowship?’. And it will stay there ’til you buckle down and write the story.

Habitat: depends on the bunny; a Merry/Pippin fluff bunny gambols about in the sunshire, eating lettuce, while a Frodo/Gollum angst bunny lurks behind the radiator, making horrible heavy breathing noises.

How to rid yourself of them: write the story. Suffer a head injury involving loss of memory. Get bitten by a better bunny. Rentokil (though for bunny extermination their rates are extortionate).

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