Wacky Transportation and Mechanical Things

Who doesn’t need a mini Nautilus? Pat Regan build his own personal replica of the Nautilus submarine from Disney’s 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Coaster Dynamix is taking pre-orders for a roller coaster model kit. The coaster kit has an electric lift-hill and an inverted train. They attached a camera to the train and included this footage in the video that is on the site.

SawStop technology works on all types of power woodworking tools. They have video demos illustrating the operation of the SawStop technology on a table saw, a band-saw and a pneumatic up-cut saw, in which they are cutting a sheet of plywood and place a hot dog in the path of the blade to simulate a user’s finger. The SawStop system detects contact between the hot dog and the blade of the saw and stops the blade in approximately 5 milliseconds or less, resulting in only a small nick in the skin of the hot dog.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Hoover manufactured a line of flying-saucer-shaped floating canister vacuums that rode on a cushion of their own exhaust, hovering over your carpet. This vacuum cleaner fan site has great photos, scanned ads and details for several of Hoover’s most futuristic vacuum cleaners.

The Scubadoo is an AU$17,500 underwater motorcycle that looks like something off of Space: 1999’s aquatic habitat ship, shipping soon. It does 2.5 knots and carries an hour’s worth of air.

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  1. Feòrag

    1 April 2004 at 7.40 am

    My mum had one of those Hoovers when we were kids. It was great, and really easy to shift around the room – and so much fun that we would volunteer to vacuum!


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