The Lure of Gadgets and Shiny Things

How can you not want silly putty? Almost impossible to resist is silly putty that is black, magnetic and comes in a nice metal tin. Mmm… magnetic, black silly putty.

Dick van Hoff’s Tyranny of the Plug series of kitchen machines chop, churn and blend, but don’t require electricity. They are powered by human energy — by pulling on them, turning them or moving them to and fro… and they function beautifully. Van Hoff is calling into question the fact that members of contemporary society readily accept new objects that are powered by electricity, yet rarely contemplate where the power is coming from. Instead, his products make people invest their human energy into powering them. Sleekly yet simply designed of cast iron, chrome, glass, and wood, these machines run smoothly and with efficiency, while fostering awareness and contemplation.

Sleeves Clothing sells translucent clingy shirts that give you the realistic illusion of tattoos — essentially, these are skin-tight, thin undershirts covered in fake tattoos to allow you the look of full-body tattoos.

David Roy builds beautiful, spring-driven wooden kinetic sculptures. Pricey but hypnotic — but there are some nice animations so you can see them in action.
The Berkeley Lower Extremity Exoskeleton (BLEEX), as it’s officially called, consists of mechanical metal leg braces that are connected rigidly to the user at the feet, and, in order to prevent abrasion, more compliantly elsewhere. The device includes a power unit and a backpack-like frame used to carry a large load &#8212 via Die Puny Humans.
Todd Huffman had a small magnet implanted in one of his fingers and is now able to perceive magnetic fields in ways not naturally possible. As someone with an unhealthy fascination in magnets, I would love to get a magnet implanted. Just think of the fun that could be had with magnetic, black silly putty and cow magnets &#8212 via Die Puny Humans.

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