Flash Games: Grow

Grow is a strange little Rube Goldberg-like game where you try to determine the order in which to drag various items into the middle. Each time you drag an item, the items you’ve already placed grow and interact with each other. The goal is to drag all the items in the right sequence to advance them all to their maximum levels. The maximum score is 20,000, I haven’t managed to get that far. There are quite a few possible sequences that do this, as well as some sequences that don’t reach the maximum but do produce fun effects

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One Comment

  1. Bielik

    17 October 2005 at 4.56 am

    You got it a little wrong – there is only ONE possibility to get ALL maxed, but if you make most of them maxed, then you probably got a problem with the hill. Here’s the trick – instead of drying it, try to irigate it 🙂 have fun!


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