Salted Licorice Chupa Chups

No idea where she found it, but my sister presented me with a salted licorice Chupa Chup today. I’m guessing someone local is importing them from the Dutch marketplace. Must have more…

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  1. Coralee

    18 June 2004 at 4.12 pm

    I know the chupa chups you mean… They are called Salmiak Flavoured Chupa Chups.. and they are imported. I buy mine from a Deli in Redcliffe (30minutes from Brisbane)!!


  2. Roslyn Remin

    16 August 2005 at 6.47 am

    I don’t believe this! I have been searching for these mysterious little objects for months and months on the internet, and here I find a reference to my home town of Redcliffe.
    Does anyone know if you can still buy them here in Australia. A shop a friend of mine used to get them but hasn’t for nearly 2 years.
    Desperately need help before I go up the perverbial chupa pole.


  3. Mnique Moon

    29 September 2005 at 3.20 pm

    Can get those chuppa chups in Perth from Jaslyns in the City.


  4. hong bholong

    14 July 2006 at 2.46 am

    Yeah i think Bibina newcastle still has them. I handed them out for free in the boiler room at the big day out, after unsuccessfully tring to sell them.
    They are “unexpectedly” salty if you arent expecting it……….


  5. pine

    20 July 2006 at 2.57 pm

    omg!! why are they so god damn hard to find ? where do u get the weird flavours from ??? bibina doesn’t stock them anymore.. i want all the crazy cocktail flavours and.. root beer, lemon lime.. apricot, pear..etc CANT FIND THEM ANYWHERE… and i mean.. anywhere!! like not even on overseas sites 🙁


  6. Philip C

    12 October 2008 at 10.31 am

    I buy these from a shop (Dutch owners) in Marsden, Logan City, QLD. I think she would sell them in bulk too…


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