That is the sigh of relief when I finally got my favourite RSS aggregator back online.
I live for e-mail, so I’d been happily using nntp//rss to suck RSS feeds into my e-mail program as newsgroups. It suddenly stopped working just over a week back and sent me into RSS withdrawal.

Finally got my finger out and left a query on the forum. Jason, the guy who wrote the program, got back to me quickly. Turns out that nntp//rss had a heap of corrupt gibberish in one of its files, thanks to a Windows crash killing the application. Culled 400k of crap from the file, fired the program up again and I’m back in RSS heaven.

The one niggle I have with nntp//rss is that it currently has no way of importing or exporting OPML files that I’ve managed to find, which is a little annoying. Jason has helpfully pointed out my domestic blindness problem, you can import OPML — under the System Configuration settings — and while it doesn’t export OPML, the XML file it does export is easily converted to OPML manually. The next version will export OPML. Yay!

On other RSS news, Dave Winer has created Share Your OPML, allowing you to share your list of RSS feeds with others and to see what they’re reading. Cool stuff.

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One Comment

  1. Jason Brome

    23 January 2004 at 1.39 pm

    Glad I could help 🙂
    nntp//rss v0.3 has OPML import – just click on the System Configuration tab in the admin interface, then scroll to the bottom. The forthcoming v0.4 (public beta release coming real soon) has both import and export. It also uses a different database engine, which should hopefully avoid the scenario you experienced.


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