Reverse Garbage

Finally got my arse in gear down to Reverse Garbage, well tagged along with a friend is closer to the mark, a small warehouse full of the stuff that normally gets dumped by manufacturers. The place is a hit with teachers as it is a treasure trove of kids craft supplies. I’ve been to the smaller Casula outlet, which is now closed thanks to the inept and corrupt Liverpool Council, but it was great to finally see headquarters.

My friend was in search of dacron filling, my partner asked me to keep an eye out for metal offcuts and I had no particular item in mind. No luck with the items we’d planned on, but I did come back with some interesting stuff.

  • Three end spools of yarn that will make a hefty warp for rag rugs
  • Two squirty water bottles left over from a channel seven Olympics campaign
  • Two empty metal 35mm film cans, I had to wait until a bus load of Japanese students had finish pawing through the bin first, don’t know what I’ll do with them but I like film things and metal tins are always cool
  • A large offcut of commercial carpet for Malamute’s kennel
  • 4m² of Astroturf that I still have no idea of my partner’s plans for usage

Worth dropping by if you’re in the Marrickville area.

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  1. sbszine

    16 January 2004 at 11.55 am

    This is literally around the corner from my house… you should have dropped in for a cup of tea : )


  2. Red Wolf

    16 January 2004 at 12.15 pm

    If I’m there on a weekend next time, I’ll give you a call


  3. sbszine

    16 January 2004 at 4.24 pm

    Actually, the best time to hit Reverse Garbage is the day after Mardi Gras. You can get whole floats for free, giant papier mache Powerpuff Girls and whatnot.


  4. Red Wolf

    17 January 2004 at 9.24 am

    As tempting as that is, I don’t think I need a Powerpuff Girl float. There was a giant Tyrannosaurus head hanging from the ceiling and a giant glitter red shoe that I’m guessing were Mardi Gras remnants


  5. sbszine

    19 January 2004 at 2.41 pm

    How are the dogs liking their glittery new home?


  6. Red Wolf

    19 January 2004 at 7.45 pm

    The carpet probably won’t go into the kennel until it gets cooler. I think the plans for the Astroturf are to make a patio type area for the pods outside their kennel, not sure. I unrolled the carpet and Astroturf for the dogs on the weekend and they rolled around on it, gnawing on each others heads


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