Invader Zim on DVD Update

There’s tentative information about the specs of the first 2-DVD release of Invader Zim. Media Blasters reports that Invader Zim Volume 1 is planned to arrive on 11 May 2004 and will include most of season one and commentary is planned for the bulk of episodes

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  1. Red Wolf

    26 January 2004 at 3.45 pm

    In an update to the planned DVD release of Invader Zim; the DVDs will be released as three sets, followed by the special box. Media Blasters are working on the belief that the people will buy the three sets, then buy the special to house their collection, so it will be a box and toy with only the bonus DVD included — it will not include the previously released DVDs


  2. A.A. Fussy

    12 April 2004 at 9.22 am

    Hi, they only do US releases.


  3. callum

    22 May 2004 at 11.16 am

    what i am desprit to know is when will it come out in australia if it is going to be relesed in aust i wnt to know when and where i can get them can somone please tell me r give me a link to show were the info is pleeeeaaaasssse.. cuase i loveded you invader zim i loooovvvveeeeddddeeeedddd yoouuuuuu!!!!!!!!


  4. Red Wolf

    22 May 2004 at 11.47 am

    Far as I know there is no Australian release planned. You can try asking Madman if they plan to release it in the future.
    Or try Nickelodeon Australia, forget their web site, you’ll have to call. I can’t image Nick will be helpful, they never got Invader Zim and the DVD is a Media Blasters release not a Nick release


  5. Solymar

    4 November 2004 at 12.46 am

    pls!!! tell me when does INVADER ZIM VOL. 4 come!!!!! tell me!! i have everything aobut invader ZIM!!! ND I NEED TO KNOW WHEN DOES VOL.4 COME OUT!!! TELL ME!! TELL ME NOW!! OR SUFFER THE CONSICUENCES OF THE RUBBER PANTS!! they will shock u if u don’t tell me!!! thank you!!! tell me…ASAP!!!! pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  6. sly

    18 June 2005 at 4.11 am

    when does invader zim vol. 4 come out. i reeeaaaly need to know! tell me!


  7. Beliar

    15 September 2005 at 12.39 am

    never. The project was abandoned due to a conflict in who owns the rights to the cartoon in it’s media form and who owns the release rights. sorry fans. 🙁


  8. Tak

    26 November 2005 at 4.44 am

    You people R selfish!!! Why did U abondon the show just because of a stupid argument on who owns it! Why?!?
    Well, before u think about yourselves and never work with Invader Zim agian, please think about us. Please?


  9. Joseph Rositano

    21 March 2006 at 12.33 am

    Please, for the love of God, release the DVD box sets in Australia. They will sell extreamly well with the right marketing stratergies. I’ve already made four people like Invader Zim in two weeks!


  10. mat

    17 June 2006 at 10.03 am

    i was trying to find if a volume 4 for invader zim would come out and it said that steve russel who is the producer of invader zim doesnt want to make no more invade zim but he might change his mind on makeing new 1’z 🙂


  11. mat

    17 June 2006 at 10.05 am

    think about who tak? oh yea dib has ur ship ;P


  12. Matt

    24 June 2006 at 4.30 pm

    Yay! I found all 3 DVD’s in Australia! You just have to look really hard. I found mine at a comic book shop. In Victoria


  13. gir lover

    22 October 2009 at 12.53 pm

    volume 4 plz? and i wish 10 minuts of doom was animated or at least had animatics but i know that will probably never hapen


  14. AJ Cranfield

    27 December 2009 at 8.06 pm

    i loveded this show…… i’m lookin everywhere for it even the states but 1900 us$ is a bit much but after readin all these comments i’m gonna search every comic shop and pawn shop….. happy hunting guys


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