Corrupt Database

If you were wondering why the site was down yesterday, it was due to a corrupt database. Berkeley DB spat the dummy over a locked file and threw a spanner in the MovableType works.

After a very late night of reinstalling MT, all posts are back online. Unfortunately a few comments posted over the last six weeks got eaten in the move. And reimporting the posts has meant they now have exciting new locations, which is a bit of a bugger for anyone linking to the site.

With any luck, the back end will soon be moving to a more stable MySQL database and this sort of problem won’t be happening again.

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  1. lucie

    18 December 2003 at 5.16 pm

    Hmm… when databases go bad, or when databases attack! Now that’d make a great geek tv show.


  2. sbszine

    19 December 2003 at 9.59 am

    Just imagine… someone out there is, even as we speak, running their blog on MS Access. We’ve escaped lightly : )


  3. Red Wolf

    19 December 2003 at 10.24 am

    MS Access… Now, I’m scared


  4. James Landrith

    20 February 2004 at 2.08 am

    I feel your pain. In fact, I’ve felt your pain. Twice before. The fun part is wondering what people think as they arrive at the wrong pages from Google. It took over a month for Google to reindex my archives correcting the situation. I did have to manually change a few entries after reimporting them in order to ensure that certain entries were at their old numbers. These were entries that had been linked to via media or uber-bloggers. Fun stuff, that Berkeley. My last meltdown came courtesy of that Lolita spammer jackass. I’m now running on MySQL.


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