Cthulhu Surgery

Amusing photos and commentary on repairing an injured Cthulhu. Which I’m sure will come in handy if my Cthulhu ever tangles with the dogs and meets the fate of the Big Bad Wolf.

The wolf puppet in question was damaged after a run in with a Malamute puppy. The manufacturer, while making excellent toys, was less than helpful in providing replacements for the custom made eyes and teeth that were damaged. He’s still in need of an eye surround, but I did find that you can make superior fangs yourself by felting wool into shape.

See Cthulhu and the Big Bad Wolf subjugate a Husky.

Note the nice set of fangs the Big Bad Wolf is sinking into the neck of the surprisingly patient and indifferent Husky.

Cthulhu reigns supreme after besting the mighty Husky in tentacular warfare.

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