Japanese Watches

The TokyoFlash watch site is full of bizarre, amusing and beautiful Japanese watches.

Trip the Light Fantastic by Pimp is an LED display with a unique method of displaying the time. And the all the little coloured lights are pretty to look at.

The Matrix Binary is the perfect gift for the geek in your life. Or a great way of combating that annoying co-worker who asks you the time every five minutes, with one of these babies asking them to see for themselves just once would be worth it.

The part of me that is attracted to glowing blue lights wants a Fishbone LED.

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  1. jelle henken

    17 January 2004 at 3.01 am

    Those are great watches! if you like blue leds, then watch the pimp site, there will be a pimp watch for sale with blue leds! must be looking great!


  2. Craig

    29 July 2004 at 3.06 pm

    Got all 4 models and love each very much. Best watches I ever owned. People are amazed everytime they see them. Well worth the price. Better than a Rolex for sure.


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