Road Trip

A couple of weeks back I got volunteered as shotgun on a two day flying visit to Inverell with my mother. She drives, I keep her awake with a scintillating selection of CDs ranging from spoken word to punk to swing to gospel. The Elvis gospel CD was Mum’s contribution to the mix, but a surprisingly good listen.

Dropped in to Gilgai to pay a visit to Kramut Kennels and got to meet my husky’s baby sister. The fence is in the way, but when it wasn’t, all the photos show is a blurry husky missile — she’s an adorable beastie, but her attention span is even shorter than mine, making it difficult to grab a good photo. This is where two of the dog scarves have found their new home.

Stayed the night at Inverell with a friend and got to see the feline beasties of the house investigating their new CatMax Pethouse where they can glare menacingly at all and sundry.

On the trip home I amused myself by taking photos from the car which came out better than I expected.

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One Comment

  1. IrishVampire13

    15 July 2005 at 8.56 am

    That dog’s got such pretty eyes! 🙂 My dog’s father had eyes like that; to this day, I’m always intrigued when I see blue-eyed dogs.
    where they can glare menacingly at all and sundry
    That cat did look oddly like some demon had possessed it.


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