Organic Pest Control

A true story…

I went downstairs just now for my morning coffee, and encountered my colleague Lynn by the sugar bowl and cup of wooden sticks. She caught me yawning and asked if I had gotten enough sleep. I replied that I’d had plenty, as I’d forgotten to set my alarm and only awoken at 7.50 when the starlings in my ceiling began their morning peckings. (I imagine them with hardhats on jackerhammering through the roof in order to visit me and gain access to my morning weetbix. Anyway…)
Lynn told me that she had a similar thing happening at her house, but rather than helpful alarm starlings in the morning she had annoying rats in her roof, partying through to the wee hours.

‘That sucks’, I said.

‘Yes’, she replied, ‘But it’s only for the winter.’

‘Why do the rats only bother you in winter?’

‘That’s when my python hibernates.’

Like I said, a true tale of organic pest control…

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  1. lucie

    16 July 2003 at 11.13 am

    Hmm… maybe I should bring a python with me to work during the warmer seasons…


  2. Red Wolf

    16 July 2003 at 8.45 pm

    My friends rescued a Diamond Python from a neighbours backyard and had it for several months while they nursed it back to health (it had an encounter with a dog and narrowly missed being dissected by a shovel) Being a wild snake, it wasn’t too keen on defrosted rodent and would only eat live food. When I came for a visit they delayed its feeding time so I could witness it making very short work of a guinea pig… The guinea pig wasn’t too happy about the arrangement, but the snake was well pleased. A superb form of organic rodent eradication


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