Pete Townshend and The Tin Drum

Interesting case. Pete Townshend had informed authorities about what he was doing and why before he checked out the site and they didn’t give a shit until someone in America at a later date busts the company involved and trolls through their records.

He went about it the wrong way, but is there anyone else bothering to even check these sites? The cops are underfunded, poorly equipped and rarely have the manpower — let alone the appropriately trained personnel — to do it properly.

Without signing in there is no way of knowing anything about the site. Are the photos real? Are kids being abused and, if so, do the photographs provide clues that could help find the children? Are they photoshopped images? Are they just photos of kids playing in the park? Was it a scam to part you from your money? Is it a sting operation?

As signing up for the service would almost certainly direct to another domain, it may be the only way to connect to the people behind the operation. And naming these people publicly may be enough to stop them.

As I said, not the smartest thing to attempt. But there is no public record I know of — haven’t bothered looking — notifying everyone that your neighbour Bob is running a kiddie porn operation from his basement.

A dangerous thing to do if you happen to get the details wrong and Bob is just the unlucky guy who inherited an old phone number or domain from the real perpetrator. It also puts you in the same league as the brain donors who publicly list the details of doctors they believe perform abortions in the hope some loose cannon will off them.

Tangentially, I was channel surfing last night and ran across The Tin Drum, a world renown film about a boy whose response to the passive acceptance of Nazism in Germany by those around him is to refuse to grow up. Amazing movie. Interestingly enough, this film has at times been banned in parts of the US for obscenity and child pornography.

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