African Cheetah v Meerkats / Dolph C Volker

Kinji the Cheetah is something special. He honestly tries making friends with everyone… especially the animals that lives within his reach. Here he is at 8 months and 2 years old trying to get the meerkats to scratch him. He ends up purring to the delight of getting a grooming from these small creatures. He has no idea they want to kill him. Meerkats are territorial and do not like predators — via Youtube


Hector / Be Unique 2.22

Hector is a Ducati Hypermotard 796, probably the last machine you would expect to get the old-school treatment.

It comes from the oddly named workshop Be Unique 2.22, a collective of six petrolheads based in the small town of Magden, about an hour’s drive from Zürich, the largest city in Switzerland — via Bike EXIF


LMM-01 / Merci

Merci’s first watch design, the LMM-01 (LMM stands for La Montre Merci) is the company’s take on what you might call essentialist watch making: a simple, very affordable watch that nonetheless has a number of carefully curated design decisions. This is very much an industrial age approach to luxury; design, so the thought goes, needn’t be expensive and production line manufacturing techniques can, and should, make good design democratic and widely available.

LMM-01 comes in two versions: a quartz model, which houses a Ronda 513 movement with about a 45 month running time between battery changes, and a hand-wound mechanical version, which uses an ETA 2801-2 calibre. Both watches are water resistant to 50 meters, and they’re assembled in Switzerland. Cases are 37.5mm in diameter. Pricing has been kept extremely affordable; the quartz model is €190, while the mechanical model is €365 and Merci plans to make 500 of each — via Hodinkee


Geometric Pattern: Square Twist / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Orange, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Yellow and Geometric Pattern: Square Twist: Green originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Geometric Pattern: Triskelion / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Green, Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue/Orange and Geometric Pattern: Triskelion: Blue/Green originally uploaded by Red Wolf


‘Revolutionary’ super glue could treat wounds in car crashes, war zones

Australian researchers have developed a new superglue-like substance that can be squirted onto wounds — even internal ones — to seal them within seconds, potentially revolutionising treatment in war zones and at the site of car crashes.

The gel works like the regular bathroom sealant commonly used for tiling, but is made from a natural elastic protein.

You can just squirt it onto a wound site, zap it with light and the whole thing sets in a matter of seconds, University of Sydney biochemistry professor Anthony Weiss said — via ABC News

Politics, Rights, Technology

Former Irish Chief Justice slams data retention as mass surveillance and threat to fundamental rights

Former Chief Justice of Ireland John L Murray has warned that retained telecommunications data poses a threat to fundamental rights and freedoms in a searing report [PDF] released on Tuesday alongside proposed amendments by the government to Ireland’s data retention laws.

Murray said Ireland’s data retention system touches every aspect of a person’s communications profile for a lengthy period of time.

[Data retention] establishes a form of mass surveillance of virtually the entire population of the state, involving the retention and storage of historic data, other than actual content, pertaining to every electronic communication, in any form, made by anyone and everyone at any time, he wrote.

A vast amount of private information pertaining to the personal communications of virtually everyone in the state is now retained without the consent of those affected in databases maintained by each private service provider in fulfilment of its statutory obligations.

Ireland’s data retention regime, enacted in 2011, mandates that data related to phone calls, text messages, and phone location be kept for two years and IP addresses for internet connections for one year. Due to a decision by the European Court of Justice (ECJ) striking down a European Union data retention directive in 2014, Ireland’s laws in the area need to be modified to remain compliant.

The retained data is able to be currently accessed under a disclosure request by Irish Defence Forces, an officer of the Revenue Commissioners, the Garda Síochána (Irish Police), the Competition and Consumer Protection Commission, or anyone with an appropriate court order or authorisation by the Data Protection Commissioner. The legislation also allows for individuals to request the data kept on them.

The former chief justice warned that safeguards in place for state authorities to access retained data could be undermined by those agencies believing they are entitled to the data if it is deemed useful by them.

Access to a person’s private historical communications data is an intrusion on their rights and on data which is personal to them, Murray said. Mere utility or potential utility is not the test — via ZDNet


Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: White, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Red and Geometric Pattern: Hexagon Star Diamond: Yellow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Geometric Pattern: Hexagon / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Pink, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Orange, Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Green and Geometric Pattern: Hexagon: Yellow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Exploding the Cube / Yannick Martin

Former architect Yannick Martin, who has previously confined architecture’s most famous houses to a cube, is a graphic designer who explores line and geometric shapes to examine the language of the diagram. By fragmenting simple shapes, Martin seeks to offer new ways of looking at an icon so commonplace and ubiquitously used that, for most, the sheer potential and variety of its application can be overlooked — via ArchDaily


Geometric Pattern: Double Angle / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Grey, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Green, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue on Blue, Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue and Geometric Pattern: Double Angle: Blue/Orange originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Hammock House / Samsel Architects

Hammock House, near the Blue Ridge Mountains, was designed by Asheville-based Samsel Architects, the home stays true to its name, where, according to the studio, Hammocks and an ancient oak tree were the organising principle.

The old white oak helped to inform the home’s L-shaped layout (it’s growing roughly where the fourth corner would be) and the hammock takes centre stage in an enormous and airy screened porch. The house has a single-pitch shed roof inspired by local farm structures, and the interior was organised so that visitors walk through progressively taller and taller rooms until they reach the hammock — via Curbed


Geometric Pattern: Circle / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Circle: Green, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Blue/Black, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Blue/Orange, Geometric Pattern: Circle: Orange and Geometric Pattern: Circle: Tan originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Raindrop / Studio Bas van der Veer

Dutch design firm Studio Bas van der Veer has created Raindrop, a rain barrel designed to mount to an exterior wall and make collecting rainwater easy.

The design, which is handmade in The Netherlands and produced by pottery label Elho, includes a removable watering can that automatically fills up with rain water first, before the excess rain water collects in the main body of Raindrop. There’s also a tap at the bottom to allow for easy refilling of the watering can or if needed, a hose can be attached — via CONTEMPORIST


Geometric Pattern: Loop Diamond / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Loop Diamond: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Loop Diamond: Blue/Brown, Geometric Pattern: Loop Diamond: Green and Geometric Pattern: Loop Diamond: Black originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Fossa Pup / San Diego Zoo

A baby Fossa (pronounced FOO-sa) was born this summer at the San Diego Zoo.  Now 12 weeks old, the Fossa pup, its mother and three siblings moved into their new home in the Conrad Prebys Africa Rocks exhibit last week and wasted no time exploring—jumping over grassy areas, climbing on rocks and playing in trees — via ZooBorns


Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Gold, Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Green/Red, Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Green, Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Rainbow Light and Geometric Pattern: Star Hexagon: Rainbow originally uploaded by Red Wolf


UR-105 CT Streamliner / Urwerk

The Urwerk UR-105 CT Steamliner is a timepiece inspired by impressions of New York, its magnificent Art Deco skyscrapers, and the metallic tubes ferrying commuters through a subterranean labyrinth. Its eight-sided shape recalls the metallic ribbing along a subway car and the skyward-reaching lines of the Empire State Building.

The UR-105 CT Streamliner comes in two versions, both of which will set you back 65,000 CHF (approximately $68,000 at time of publishing). One is in titanium and mirror-polished steel, while the other is titanium and black PVD-coated steel. Stylistically, the black version might be the most New York, but the titanium and mirror polished steel version really drives home the Art Deco theme — via Hodinkee


Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons: Orange/Blue, Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons: Green/Blue, Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons: Rainbow and Geometric Pattern: Looped Hexagons: Rainbow Dark originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Rutland Terrace Residence / Portland, Oregon

Built in 1956, this mid century modern residence in Portland, Oregon, is unique in that it is one of only three homes designed by its owner, who, surprisingly enough, is not a trained architect.

But it’s the structure itself, and the way it engages with its site and the surrounding gardens, that sets it apart. Measuring a generous 440 square metres over multiple levels, the house comprising four bedrooms, four bathrooms, two living areas, three fireplaces, and many more opportunities—like wraparound porches—for outdoor relaxation and entertaining. On the market for the first time, the residence located at 2855 SW Rutland Terrace is offered at $1.795 million — via Curbed