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Weta Workshop Sculptor’s Labyrinth Model / Tested

On a visit to effects studio Weta Workshop, Adam Savage meets and chats with artists who bring their own obsessions and passion projects to work. Sculptor Johnny Fraser-Allen, who is working on miniatures for Jim Henson’s Labyrinth board game, shares with Adam his own intricate maze miniature, which will end up being the size of an entire room — via Youtube


3 Malayan Tiger Cubs in the Nursery / Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Three Malayan tiger cubs were born on Friday, 3 February, at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden and are now being cared for in the Zoo’s nursery. First-time mum Cinta’s maternal instincts did not kick in and vets, concerned that the cubs’ body temperatures would dip too low without the warmth of mom’s body, made the call to remove them from the den. The cubs will be cared for in the nursery for now and will move to Cat Canyon when they’re weaned and no longer require constant care. Visitors should be able to see them playing and running around in their outdoor habitat in early spring — via Youtube

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Up, up and away! Take off to the sky for some aeronautical adventures. Sky B Plane is a bed inspired by Disney movie Planes, in which Leadbottom is a puttering old biplane and a grumbling taskmaster. He has too many crops to spray and not enough hours in the day to spray them. For Leadbottom, it’s work first, then… well, more work.

Bring a little aviation-inspired magic to the little pilot’s bedroom. With a creative and playful design, the Sky B Plane makes the crib-to-bed transition as painless as possible. The decorative suitcases are storage compartments and allow the kid to climb up and down the airplane.

It has secret storage compartments on both sides of the bottom wing and in the staircases. The top wing is a shelf — via Circu Magical Furniture


25 Airbag Rainbow Explosion in 4K / The Slow Mo Guys

Gav and Dan, the Slow-Mo Guys, are always looking for something to film with their high-speed cameras. Something that people will find interesting, but more important, things that will look good in a video. Explosions? Yeah! Pretty colors? Yeah! So they gathered bags of paint powder and vehicle airbag devices and headed out to a quarry, far from anyone who would be bothered — via Youtube


Bohlin Cywinski Jackson (BCJ), the Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania-founded architectural practice best known for its iconic designs for Apple stores in New York City, France, and Japan, has completed four new dwellings at High Meadow, the Fallingwater Institute’s home base for its summer residency program.

The architecture, artist, and design residency to study the Frank Lloyd Wright masterpiece quickly outgrew the its original structure, a 1960s cabin with four bedrooms located on a historic farm adjacent to Fallingwater. The resulting plan, designed by the firm’s Pittsburgh studio, doubled the property’s capacity by way of simple wooden cabin-like “portals” that frame views of the surrounding landscape — via Curbed


A lighter take on high horology, the Romain Jerome generational icons series of watches have drawn largely from the video game realm, with dials paying homage to classic hits such as Tetris, Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Super Mario, and now cult classic Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong, conceived by Shigeru Miyamoto in 1981, is the series of video games featuring the adventures of a gorilla character called Donkey Kong and a man known as Jumpman who traversed obstacles and ladders to rescue his girlfriend.  Die hard fans of course already know that Jumpman went on to be known as Mario, brother of Luigi, and star of Miyamoto’s all time greatest hit, Super Mario Bros. Another hallmark of the Donkey Kong series are barrels, which the Kongs use as weapons, vehicles, furniture, and lodging.  All these character are elements feature prominently on the dial of this watch. At $16,500, the retail price on this watch feels hard to justify unless you’ve really got the play money — via Perpétuelle


As with most motorcycles built down to a budget, looks and performance aren’t the Harley Davidson Street’s strong suit. But this almost road-legal flat tracker from See See Motorcycles is one of the best-looking Harleys we’ve ever seen. Period.

The man to thank is for this transformation is See See’s Thor Drake, a hugely accomplished bike builder and racer, and he likes the XG750 — as it’s known to Harley’s bean counters — via Bike EXIF


Located just outside Madrid in Las Rozas, Spain, this 70-square-metre, two-story structure, called the Hidden Pavilion, is the work of Spanish firm Penelas Architects. The pavilion—which sits on a thickly wooded site—also has some serious architectural heft, with an angular, weathered-steel frame, glass façades, and cherrywood interiors — via Curbed


This 1966 home might as well be a time capsule, even if stands empty. Designed by California modernist architect Stan Sackley for his parents, the 1,959-square-foot three bedroom post-and-beam stayed in the family for over 40 years, according to the listing, and appears to be on the market for the first time ever. Located at 1300 South Sagebrush Road, the residence is yours for $800,000 — via Curbed


Architecture firm Olson Kundig have designed this home in Ketchum, Idaho, for their clients that wanted a modern house that would feel authentic to the high desert mountain landscape — via CONTEMPORIST


Marking ten years since the launch of the Innovision 1 — which boasted ten horological innovations — the Innovision 2, a halo/concept timepiece, was unveiled at SIHH 2017, with ten new innovations — via Professional Watches


Lane Williams Architects have designed this contemporary home in Bellevue, Washington, that’s conforms to the community design guidelines of the surrounding neighbourhood that’s filled with mid-century homes — via CONTEMPORIST


We’ve seen a fair number of charming green roofs, but few are as committed to the idea as this sprawling new school in Revin, France. Completed by Bordeaux-based firm Duncan Lewis Scape Architecture, the project began with the demolition of the original ‘60s-built and badly-damaged Jean Moulin High School, which had been embedded into the landscape of rolling hills — via Curbed


The Narrow World / Brent Bonacorso

The Narrow World is the story of a gigantic alien that crashes to Earth and takes up residence in Los Angeles. Contrary to expectations, when the alien is neither hostile towards the tiny humans around it, nor communicative in any way, it falls on the populace to decipher what, exactly, this visitor wants and what it means for them. One man sees more to it- a message, perhaps, that may tell us less about the alien, and more about our deepest inner selves, about the mysteries of the soul — via Vimeo


This truly odd home is located in Prague, Czech Republic and was designed by the firm Šépka architekti. It was built on a steep slope among trees and is called House in the Orchard. It’s raised off the ground, supported by a concrete stilt, while the living quarters are shaped a lot like a pear. The unique shape and design were chosen to cut down on building costs. The home also quite possibly has the smallest footprint we’ve seen for a good while — via Jetson Green


In the northern Italian city of Alessandria, Italy (about 100km south of Milan), a new, quirky basketball court has been designed by Sicilian mononymic artist Gue is giving the Paris court a run for its money. Combining shades of orange, yellow, blue and grey, Gue used curved lines to create a colour-blocked court that calls to mind the graphic work of Picasso. The effect, especially from the air, is striking, and reminiscent of the power a mural can have on the appearance and vibe of even the most common elements of an urban streetscape — via Curbed


This Huf Haus in West Linton, near Edinburgh, Scotland is factory-built modernism. Built in Germany to your own personal requirements, the house is then transported to your location, before being constructed by the Huf Haus team to its exacting standards. At first glance, they all look the same. But each one has been tweaked to the original customer’s own needs, so houses are rarely copies of each other. If you want this as your next home, the asking price is offers over £675,000 — via WowHaus


Rodrigues Fruit Bat / San Diego Zoo Safari Park

There’s a new baby at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park — and this time, it has wings. A 12-day-old Rodrigues fruit bat is being cared for at the Ione and Paul Harter Animal Care Centre, and he is flying ahead of schedule in his development, despite a rough delivery. The male pup is the second Rodrigues fruit bat ever to be hand reared at the nursery: The first was his mother, Patty — via Youtube


From the exterior, this marvellous building in Dallas, Texas looks more like a museum or some other sort of institution than a house, a testament to its ability to combine a modernist and Brutalist aesthetic with practical living.

Built in 1950, according to the listing information, the 5,280-square-foot midcentury monolith combines curving volumes clad in brick and punctuated with towering windows offering impressive high-ceilinged spaces that feel almost gothic. You want a house to move you, and this one truly does. It is listed for $2,295,000 — via Curbed


Take the legendary RS750: it hit the flat track circuit in 1983, and racked up multiple championships in the hands of Ricky Graham and Bubba Shobert. So when a customer gave his 1984 CX500E to Dirk Oehlerking of Kingston Custom, it was the RS750 that Dirk turned to for inspiration — via Bike EXIF

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Big Trash Animals by Bordalo II is a series of artworks that aims to draw attention to a current problem that is likely to be forgotten, become trivial or a necessary evil. The problem involves waste production, materials that are not reused, pollution and its effect on the planet. Damaged bumpers, burnt garbage cans, tires and appliances are just some of the objects that can be identified when you go into detail. They are camouflaging the result of our habits with little ecological and social awareness — via Neatorama


In the war between millennials and baby boomers we have forgotten about the work-hard, play-hard Generation X

Don’t you know there’s a war on? It’s being fought right now, all around us, between the baby boomers and the millennials.

Opinions differ as to the exact parameters that define each group of combatants, but the boomers are generally thought to have been born between 1946 (the results of the post-war baby boom, when people were so happy to be alive after six years of conflict that they jumped, en masse, into the sack) and the early 1960s. The millennials, on the other hand, take their name from the fact they came of age at the turn of the new century, so are usually defined as being born in 1982 or later.

The boomers don’t like the millennials because they think the younger generation are feckless, whiny snowflakes who are scared of hard graft and obsessed by status, more interested in posting a selfie to social media than doing anything useful.

The millennials, on the other hand, see the moomers as a rapacious generation that’s pretty much ruined everything for them. They’re living too long, taxpayers’ money is gushing into looking after them. They’ve kept house prices high, meaning young people can’t afford to buy. Workplace pensions are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Boomers are, by and large, Brexiteers and Trumpers. They remember when Britain was great, and think coming out of Europe will be a doddle. They want to make America great all over again.

If you fall into either of those camps, you’ll doubtless have strong opinions. If you don’t, then come and join me on the sidelines as the two sides limber up for the mother of all battles. I’ve got popcorn, it’ll be fun. And who are we, if we’re not boomers or millennials? Why, we’re Generation X of course. And when the slapping and fighting is all done and dusted, we’re going to save the world — via


The 1950s Richard Neutra-designed JM Roberts Residence in West Covina, California is one of those houses that looks like it’s straight off the pages of a period interiors magazine, but that is down to design rather than luck.

This place has gone on the market after a two-year restoration by Eric Lamers, which, according to the agent, involved updating systems, recreating missing elements and rehabilitating original details.

Not cheap at $1,795,000, but no doubt worth every penny to someone — via WowHaus


Beinfield Architecture were tasked with transforming an abandoned police station, originally designed by James Gamble Rogers, into new offices for travel company

As part of the design, the client requested a used jet fuselage to be hung from the ceiling. Due to the building being a historic structure, this wasn’t easy as the used fuselage was deemed too large to bring into the building. Instead, the designers were able to have a new fuselage built from within the office. Underneath the impressive fuselage is a glass enclosed room with kitchen facilities — via CONTEMPORIST

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Fine arts and commercial photographer Balint Alovits has released Time Machine, his latest photo series documenting Art Deco and Bauhaus staircases throughout Budapest, Hungary — via ArchDaily


This wildly indulgent property is your answer to African-style ranch living, according to the listing, in case anyone unbothered by that phrase’s colonialist undertones has been searching for that.

Measuring 226 hectares just outside San Diego, and surrounded by Cleveland National Forest, Double S Ranch is made up of seven lakes, horse stables, two helipads, a log cabin and main house, caretaker’s cottage, several workshops, and much more.

Apparently modelled after the world’s largest ranch in Zimbabwe, Double S Ranch is dedicated to raising Watusi and Black Angus Cattle in an all-natural, wholly sustainable environment and features full solar energy, six wells, several water storage tanks, satellite internet and cable, and generators.

For the chance to own this ranch utopialocated at 28197 Angel Mountain Road in Santa Ysabel, you’ll need $16,000,000 — via Curbed


Pornhub launches online sex education centre because no-one else is doing it

The world’s largest porn site has launched a centre dedicated to educating people about sexuality and sexual health — because of poor standards of sex and relationship education (SRE).

In the US sex and relationship education is often heavily regulated by state lawmakers, meaning that school kids are commonly taught under abstinence-only programmes that do not provide quality advice on protection, avoiding STIs or sexual health in general.

In addition, a handful of states continue to maintain laws that ban teachers from mentioning homosexuality.

In the absence of any real education, young people are increasingly turning to pornography to learn about sex — which campaigners warn can lead to body issues, unrealistic expectations and even dangerous or risky practises.

But rather than being part of the problem, the world’s largest porn site Pornhub is trying to be part of the solution, launching an online resource centre dedicated to sexual health.

The website has hired clinical psychologist Dr Laurie Betito to run the new Pornhub Sexual Wellness Centre, which will provide readers with information and advice regarding sexuality, sexual health and relationships.

It explains: The free site will feature original editorial content on an assortment of topics from an array of esteemed doctors, therapists, community leaders and experts.

Unlike many sex ed resources online, all the contributors to the site are qualified medical experts.

The site already has content on a number of topics including consent, transgender terminology and HIV/AIDS — via


The Buffalo Zoo recently announced the birth of their newest Brazilian Ocelot kitten, Nico. The adorable little male was born on 17 November to mum, Ayla (age 6), and dad, Pedro (age 12) — via ZooBorns