Craft, Wildlife

Tentacle ring. Sterling silver. Made using the lost wax method — via Etsy

Craft, Wildlife

This little octopus is handmade using polymer clay, resin, acrylic paints and a bowl from the garden shop. Size: bowl is 9 cm in diameter, octopus is about 5 cm tall octopus in not removable from the bowl — via Etsy


BIOPARC Valencia started off the summer with the birth of Rock Hyrax pups. They can be seen sunning themselves on the rocks of the park’s African Savannah exhibit — via  ZooBorns

Craft, Wildlife

Squid ring. The larger the ring size the longer the two shooter tentacles will be. Genuine ruby eyes. Sterling silver — via Etsy


This 1979 Honda Gold Wing started out as an asphalt-loving mile-muncher. It’s now doing double duty as a gravel express, thanks to the ingenuity of Dutch builder Roy Holtman.

Based roughly fifty miles from Amsterdam in Apeldoorn, Roy operates as RH Motorcycles — via Bike EXIF


Big Cat Snow Day / San Diego Zoo

It was a rainy morning in San Diego, but at the San Diego Zoo, the forecast called for snow. One-year-old jaguar cub Valerio and his mum, Nindiri, woke up to an unexpected surprise: piles of fresh, glistening snow blanketing their habitat. The duo appeared cautious when they entered the exhibit, stepping gingerly on the snow, unsure how to react to the novel substance. However, after a few minutes, the pair started exploring, climbing, searching for buried meatballs and showcasing their natural behaviours while enjoying their chilly enrichment surprise. Animal care staff said the cats’ personalities really shone through, and it was fascinating seeing them venture to parts of their habitat they normally wouldn’t explore this early in the day — via Youtube


Lili the Polar Bear cub was born 11 December 2015 at Zoo am Meer Bremerhaven, Germany. Mum, Valeska (age 11), father, Lloyd (age 15), and the whole Zoo have been very happy about this second healthy little bear in two years — via ZooBorns


Did Canuck the crow swoop off with a knife from a Vancouver crime scene?

Canuck the crow, Vancouver’s most notorious bird, is being accused of flying away with a knife from a crime scene.

The crow has quite a reputation in Vancouver and its antics are regularly chronicled on social media, including a dedicated Facebook page that has a profile photo of the bird holding a knife in its beak.

Earlier on Tuesday, police had shot a man near Hastings and Cassiar streets. They were called to the scene of a car engulfed in flames. When they arrived, police said, they were confronted by a man with a knife.

Shots were fired and the man was arrested.

Vancouver Courier reporter Mike Howell said he saw the bird — which had a red tag on its leg as does Canuck — swoop in and pick up an object from inside an area cordoned off by police tape.

A cop chased it for about 15 to 20 feet, and then the crow dropped it and took off, Howell told CBC.

It was really strange. In my 20-plus years reporting from crime scenes, I’ve never seen anything like that crow trying to take a knife — via

Art, Wildlife

These are some illustrations Laura Palumbo made for BarkPost, about some dog breeds and their ironic traits — via Behance

Science, Wildlife

Octopus, squid and cuttlefish numbers boom in changing oceans

A surprising 60-year boom in global octopus, squid and cuttlefish numbers points to long-term changes taking place in the world’s oceans, scientists say.

Research published in Current Biology today shows a steady increase in the world cephalopod population — the class of molluscs comprising octopus, squid and cuttlefish — since the 1950s, at a time of increased fishing, growing pollution and ocean warming.

The data analysis, led by Dr Zoe Doubleday from Australia’s Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide, has confounded previous expectations that cephalopod populations go through cyclical booms and busts.

Anecdotal evidence had suggested the population may experience cyclical booms and busts over time, but there is instead a very consistent increase, she said — via


Cheetah cubs in the Cincinnati Zoo’s nursery now have a brother from another mother: lone Cheetah cub, just 12 days older than the zoo’s litter of four, arrived in Cincinnati from Oregon’s Wildlife Safari after his mother was unable to care for him — via ZooBorns


Two seven-week-old endangered Red Panda cubs had their first visit to the veterinarian at Australia’s Perth Zoo. Though the zoo staff has kept a watchful eye on the cubs since their 8 December birth, this is the first time the red pandas received a hands-on health check.  During the exam, the cubs got a quick health assessment, then had their body condition, eyes, teeth, ears and weight checked by the veterinary staff — via  ZooBorns


A White Rhino calf was born 3 December at Zoo de Beauval, in France. The young male was born to mum, Satara, and dad, Smoske, and has been given the name Hawii — ZooBorns

Craft, Wildlife

It’s only March, but Imgur member rentdownstairs has already locked up the Father of the Year competition. He wanted to get a custom crib to pass down as an heirloom to our children. So he commissioned Atlanta-based woodworker Garrick Andus to carve a crib inspired by the horror imagery of HP Lovecraft. Its spreading, writhing, all-consuming tentacles express the hopes that all of us fathers have for their children — via Neatorama

Design, Wildlife

Did you ever want to see Giant Squids up close? Now is your chance. Get these beauties for your walls. Comes seven to a pack as pictures in your choice of colour — via Etsy

Craft, Wildlife

From the uncharted depths this beast commands a watery domain. Measuring approximately 30 cm long and 19 cm wide, he truly is a sight to behold. Now you too can release the Kraken! — via Etsy

Design, Wildlife

EL Wire on a Brain Bag / Red Wolf

Two 1.5m (5′) lengths of EL wire attached to a Tom Bihn Brain Bag.

You can plug and play EL wire units from many suppliers, but you’ll need to add a Y connector if you want to run a pair.

The 1.5m length gives a slight overlap. The controller sits in the top pocket. The EL wire is attached to the pocket trim using 19mm foldback clips. The clip arms can be easily removed (as shown) or reattached, making it easy to swap out the EL wire as needed — via Youtube