1951 BSA C11 / Tim Harney Motorcycles

The bike was literally a pile of broken bolts and bent metal, Brooklyn resident Tim Harney tells us. Hidden inside its warped cases, however, beat the heart of a 1951 BSA C11.

Tim gutted the BSA from top to bottom, and rebuilt it with a few tasteful upgrades. He’s also spent time on the engine, which has been re-sleeved, balanced, shimmed, tightened and polished.

There’s all-new, handcrafted aluminium bodywork too, but Tim avoided doing anything wacky. I wanted to stay within the vocabulary of the original bike, he explained — via Bike EXIF


Gabrielle / Extreme Pepo

After a 12-month hiatus, Pepo Rosell has resurfaced to launch a new workshop — Extreme Pepo. He’s still based in Madrid, but has a more relaxed approach to business. In an effort to break away from his past, Pepo has begun working on different platforms. Gabrielle is Pepo’s first ever Harley-Davidson build, and it’s a complete departure from his Radical Ducati style — via Bike EXIF