Same-sex marriage bill passes House of Representatives after hundreds of hours of debate

Same-sex marriage will be legal in Australia, with Parliament agreeing to change the Marriage Act and end the ban on gay and lesbian couples marrying.

Four members of the House of Representatives voted against the bill and some abstained, but an overwhelming majority voted for the bill.

Liberal senator Dean Smith’s bill will now become law after a day of cheers, tears and applause in the Lower House.

People queued for access to the public gallery to witness the law being changed and by the time of the final vote, they were packed into every spot — via ABC News


Ducati Flat White / Max Betteridge

For 25-year-old New Zealander Max Betteridge, basalt fibre was a material he wanted to use even before he had a bike to try it out on. In many ways, basalt is the new carbon, he tells us. It has similar performance to carbon but at a lower price. What captured me was the subtle gold hue in its reflection — in contrast to carbon’s harsh weave, basalt appears almost black until the light hits it at just the right angle. Then it reveals a surreal depth — via Bike EXIF


Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot / Red Wolf

Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot: Blue, Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot: Yellow Light, Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot: Yellow Dark, Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot: Rainbow Light and Geometric Pattern: Octagon Knot: Rainbow Dark originally uploaded by Red Wolf


Supercharged KTM / Hazan Motorworks

There are still a few guys who know how to operate a lathe and build a frame by hand. And Max Hazan is in the top echelon—because he adds artistic vision and historical appreciation to create an intoxicating mix. Max is quite clear that this latest build isn’t designed for cross-country trips. It’s just something that has two wheels and was fun to make, he says. There was no intention of making something practical — via Bike EXIF


Les Troglodytes / Jacques Couelle

Les Troglodytes in Mouans-Sartoux is one of five landscape houses produced by architect Jacques Couelle, this one dating back to 1962 and a heritage property in France. The design is all about organic shapes, a house designed to fit in with nature and its natural surroundings, intended as a contrast to the angular modernism that was popular in the day. The house can be found in a private and secure area above Cannes, offering amazing views to match the architecture. The asking price is €2,450,000 — via WowHaus


Honda CB750 Cafe Racer / Bryan Moses

Bryan Moses is a hobbyist based in Geneseo, New York. Most of the time he works out of his home garage, but when that doesn’t cut it, he moves his projects to his family’s collision repair shop up the road. He turned a rusted pile of bits into this brawny Honda CB750 cafe racer — via Bike EXIF

Craft, Science

Climate Change Data Visualisation Blanket / Lara Cooper

At first glance this crocheted blanket just looks like a pretty pattern. But it is actually so much more! The blanket maps out climate change over the course of the past 130 years. Each hexagon represents a single year and the colours represent the change from the mid century average.

This ingenious data visualization blanket is the brainchild of Lara Cooper. By day, Cooper is a wildlife conservation biologist. But when she isn’t in the lab she runs Level Up Nerd Apparel, an online store where she makes and sells nerdy apparel. This project was the perfect way for her to put both of those skills together — via Make: Zine


‘Inspired by Architecture’ Limited Edition / Mido

Mido embraces the US market in a big way, doubling down on its identity as a brand with design codes influenced by contemporary architecture, with the launch of the new Inspired by Architecture Limited Edition — a timepiece that channels the look of one of America’s most iconic buildings, the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum in New York City.

The watch, which is limited to 500 pieces, is true to Wright’s aesthetic vision, with a satin-finished and polished stainless steel case whose profile evokes the curved levels of the museum’s exterior. This pattern is repeated on the crown and its black rubber insert. Under a domed sapphire crystal, the grained, eggshell-colored dial takes its cues from the glass dome, known as the oculus, that covers the building. Inspired by Architecture is subtly engraved on the dial’s flange in a sans-serif font. The hours are marked by long, satin-finished and polished indices, swept over by diamond-cut hands treated with Super-LumiNova that glows green in the dark. It retails for $1,590 — via WatchTime


Sol Friedman House / Frank Lloyd Wright

An intriguing, saucer-like Frank Lloyd Wright home has come on the market in the Usonia community in Pleasantville, New York. Built in 1948, the Sol Friedman House, or Toyhill, as it was nicknamed, boasts a unique floorplan of two intersecting circles topped by mushroom-like roofs, whose motif continues in the mushroom-shaped carport nearby. The property at 11 Orchard Brook Drive, just 50 minutes north of New York City, is offered at $1.5 million — via Curbed


Rat / Safely Endangered

Rat owners will tell you their creature of choice is actually smart and very clean, but if you’ve had a rat infestation, then you know how unpleasant it is to have them in your home. This comic by Safely Endangered will remind you why rats are simply jerks even when they’re pretending to be nice — via Neatorama


Obituary: Malcolm Young

Legendary Australian guitarist and AC/DC co-founder Malcolm Young has died aged 64.

Known for the powerhouse riffs and rhythm guitar that propelled the Sydney group to superstardom, Young’s family said in a statement he had been suffering from dementia for several years.

He was replaced by nephew Stevie for the band’s last tour promoting the 2014 album Rock Or Bust.

Young started AC/DC in 1973 with his younger brother, fellow guitarist Angus.

Their other brother George Young, a member of The Easybeats and a producer for AC/DC, died in October aged 70.

While Angus Young, the group’s school-uniform-wearing lead guitarist, was the public face of the band, Malcolm Young was its key writer and leader, the member the rest of the band watched for on-stage changes and cut-offs.

AC/DC was consistent for over 40 years with a mix of driving hard rock, lusty lyrics and bluesy shuffles, selling over 200 million albums, surviving the loss of its first singer and creating one of the greatest rock records ever in Back in Black, the world’s second best-selling album behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller — via ABC News


Villa Slow / Laura Alvarez Architecture

Laura Alvarez Architecture has designed Villa Slow, a holiday retreat in the North of Spain that replaced where a stone-ruin once sat. Based on a traditional construction called cabaña pasiega (peasant cabin), Villa Slow is a stone cottage with a contemporary twist. All of the materials used to build Villa Slow are reused from the old stone shed or come from the area of Cantabria — via CONTEMPORIST


Tolstoy House / John Lautner

The John Lautner-designed Tolstoy House in Alta Loma, California dates back to 1962 and is made up of three detached structures connected by a steel cable roof system and topped by light-weight wood sheathing, with semi-circular windows throwing in even more wow factor. Bold and striking. If you fancy owning a Lautner, this one is up for $1,488,000 — via WowHaus


A precise, three-word address for every place on earth / Chris Sheldrick

With what3words, Chris Sheldrick and his team have divided the entire planet into three-meter squares and assigned each a unique, three-word identifier, like famous.splice.writers or blocks.evenly.breed, giving a precise address to the billions of people worldwide who don’t have one. In this quick talk about a big idea, Sheldrick explains the economic and political implications of giving everyone an accurate address — from building infrastructure to sending aid to disaster zones to delivering hot pizza — via TED


Tapper House / Vladimir Cacala

This stunning 1960s Vladimir Cacala-designed build is found in the St Heliers area of Auckland, New Zealand and according to the agent is as original as the day it was built, but with a small proviso attached to the statement. Nothing to worry too much about. Only that the owner has carried out subtle and sympathetic renovations works both as a mid century modern time capsule as well as a modern-era family home — via WowHaus


Vintage BR V1-92 Military / Bell & Ross

This year Bell & Ross took its inspirations to a new level with the release of the BR V1-92 Military, part of its renewed Vintage collection, now in its third generation. The watch itself cites no specific era or reference number for its inspiration, but it takes on design details from a variety of different time periods to create its distinguished look. Featuring characteristics from an array of styles from the 1930s through the 1950s, and of course also with many modern flairs, the watch appears to have remixed many fan-favourite features seen in vintage military watches and placed them in a straightforward, 38.5-mm satin-polished steel case. Powering the watch’s distinct hand configuration is the automatic Calibre BR-CAL. 302, which is based on the Sellita SW-200, and stores a 38-hour power reserve. It is priced at $1,990 — via WatchTime


Lloyd’s Signal Station / Fox and Company Shipping Agents

Lloyd’s Signal Station on the Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall was built in 1872 by Fox and Company Shipping Agents as a communication hub for passing trading vessels using flags. Lloyds took it on in 1883, operating until 1969. That resulted in an opportunity for someone to take it on. As you can see, it was eventually taken on as a residential property, becoming one of the mainland’s most southerly homes. £695,000 is the guide price for this one — via WowHaus