Windmill House / Stone, Carpenter and Wilson

Dating back to 1886, this picturesque shingled compound on the southeastern tip of Rhode Island once had a working windmill, which would be the octagonal turret you see on the main house. Designed by Providence architects, Stone, Carpenter, and Wilson, the five-bedroom main house impressively wraps regular living spaces right around the turret, separated only by a series of exposed beams and columns.

On the market for the first time since it was built, the Windmill House is all about flowing spaces that offer idyllic ocean views. This is especially true for the ground floor living and dining areas and the atmospheric bedroom at the top of the tower with 180-degree vistas out to the Atlantic Ocean. Throughout the home, you’ll also find a number of Bas-relief sculptures and inscriptions by Rhode Island-born American artist Sydney Burleigh, who was a close friend of the family — via Curbed

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