iBook Ant Farm

Lucas discovered a bug in his wife’s iBook after she left it to charge overnight — well more that one. It had become the new home for a colony of ants

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  1. Paul

    14 September 2003 at 8.58 am

    Periodically I have seen tiny reddish ants (only one at a time) crawling across the screen of my iBook. Maybe one every 3-4 weeks. Sometimes they appear on the keyboard. I can’t seem to find any serious info on this. What gives????

  2. Red Wolf

    14 September 2003 at 11.44 am

    If it’s a pixel problem, I can’t help you.

    But if these are real ants, get a can of air (one of those pressure packs for computer cleaning), open your iBook and if there are ants nesting in its nice warm confines, blow them out. Probably worth spraying some insecticide inside your iBook while you’re there, just be carefully what you spray it on.

    Insects loves warm spots to nest, so it’s not that strange a thing to find them wanting to get closer to your electronic equipment. Cockroaches are quite partial to VCRs.

    I get ants on my laptop sometimes, but as I get quite a lot of ants inside, I’ve just been killing them and hoping they haven’t colonised. This may be closer to what you’re experiencing and not a full blown colonisation.

    Unfortunately the original discussion has been culled from the Apple discussion boards, but trolling through the Slashdot comments may provide some help.

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