Pet Rats

When does a passion get a little out of control? In Johannesburg it’s when you have a few pet rats too many — give or take a thousand.

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  1. Sarah

    11 October 2003 at 5.56 pm

    I love rats!! I have a pet rat!! She is so cute!! And is better than any other pet!! She does not sink though some people think rats do, she cleans her self, (did you know rats are just as clean as cats), she does not take up a huge amount of space, and is really cute. (oh did I already say that)

  2. Sheridan

    26 November 2004 at 7.33 pm

    I have two pets rats and they are males. they are called custard and romeo. i love them. my friends are all like eww they must stink but they really don’t. the only time the smell is when you don’t clean their cage out! rats rule the world!!!!!!!!

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